minimal freedom

I am happy to report that Jersey has been given the green light from his doctor to be let out his crate a bit!

He is still to be kept very quiet… however, he is allowed to be loose within the house (when attended) and for short walks in the yard. No running, no horsing around, absolutely no stairs of furniture… but all of that is okay because at least he’s allowed out of the crate! woohoo!  In another week or so, if things go well, we will start weaning him off his medications… And in the weeks to come, we’ll start slowly building up his activity and strength.

He celebrated his new-found freedom today by taking up as much floor space as absolutely possible. Can you blame him?!




3 thoughts on “minimal freedom

  1. Great news Jersey. Now no jumping . That’s what the doc told me but I ran like a maniac and gave mom a heart attack she said
    Lily (& Edward)

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