BarkBox Review & 10% Discount!

What is BarkBox?

When you sign up for BarkBox, every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!

With our 6 month subscription, we pay just shy of $25 a month. Usually the retail value of each box is around $35-$45.. so that’s bit of a savings off the retail price, yes… But more than the savings, it’s really the quality & innovativeness of the contents that makes BarkBox exciting & special. There’s always a toy or a treat in the box that we have never heard of or seen before. It’s this innovation makes receiving and opening up our BarkBox one of the highlights of our month.

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Now to get into business… What came in our box this month?

PetPlay Plush Carrot $8.50 – The claim to fame here is that these toys are handmade with the same production standards as children’s toys. Claims to fame aside, Oslo and Jersey LOVED the look of this carrot right out of the box. The squeaker inside sealed the deal. They both went nuts for this toy (basic as it may be!)

Caitec Knobble Ball $6.00 – This is soft’ish, rubberized, squeaky ball within ANOTHER ball. Feels very neat in the hand, and really got the dogs excited. The concept sort of reminds me of March’s ‘Jolly Teaser’ Ball… only this is squishier, squeakier, and whole a lot more adorable.

Apple Cobbler ‘Snicky Snaks’  $9.99 -USDA Organic. Sourced and made in the USA. These smelled delicious! So delicious that I couldn’t help but taste these myself.. and was very pleased at how.. well.. tasty they are! It goes without saying that the dogs agreed. The treats are fairly big (too big for my guys in one go), but break apart easily. These aren’t grain free (they contain Oat & Rye Flour) but they are wheat, corn & soy free, and only contain a whopping 11 total ingredients. Impressive!

Plato Organic Chicken Treats $8.99 – This treat is over 90% USDA organic chicken… I don’t have a whole lot to say about it because we haven’t cracked the bag open yet! I need to get through my other treats before we get into this one. Treats are fairly large (despite being for a “small” dog).. and I am not thrilled that salt is the 3rd ingredient… But with such a high chicken content, and the fact that these are just treats and not a dog food, I suppose I can be a bit forgiving 😉

Barkworthies Bullystick  $3. It seems that one of these come in each BarkBox. Make no mistake, these are VERY popular for dogs… However, my guys can’t have them. Mine chew them until they are soggy (takes about 15 minutes) and then they swallow/attempt to swallow them whole. Resulting in much gagging, throwing up, and panic. We’ll gift it to one of the tiny dogs we know… again.


We are quite pleased with this month’s box! The only ‘meh’ item was the bullystick– but truthfully, most dogs love those things– it’s Oslo & Jersey’s idiocy that makes that treat a no-go around here. I can’t fault BarkBox for trying! There are months when BarkBox really impresses me with the cleverness of the toys and the quality of the treats that they include… and this month is one of those months.

and then Oslo stole & hoarded both new toys, because he is a jerk.



2 thoughts on “BarkBox Review & 10% Discount!

  1. Of course we love your cuteness. We have had Bark Box a few times. Most times it’s pretty good
    Lily & Edward

  2. My frenchie cannot handle bully sticks either because he does the same thing! He softens the whole damn thing and then tries to swallow all of it and then it’s just a cycle of vomiting it up and eating it all back up. He can’t even eat most dry jerky treats because they make him choke too. It’s a shame he really loves bully sticks. It must be their faces and underbite that cause difficulty chewing those things. Or that they have tiny t-rex arms and can’t properly grip and rip appropriate sized pieces off.

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