A trip to Vancouver

I got a ‘BecoBed’ for my birthday and I love it!


I just got back from 10 days in Vancouver with the dogs. I was there for work and friends/family… and thought that I’d bring the dogs along for the adventure and save my husband from having to take care of them all on his own. The husband was happy to live the life of a messy, lonely bachelor for a little while!

It was nice to have Oslo & Jersey with me, though I am not sure that Jersey tolerates the coastal climate as well as Oslo & I. Jersey’s eyes are so much more weepy when we are  there, he came home with a yeast infection in one of his ears, and BOTH dogs had fleas upon our return. Lovely. Fleas, unfortunately, are a icky fact of life in the damp, moderate west-coast climate, but not such an issue here in the south-east corner of the province where our winters are longer and more severe (which help to kill off & level out flea populations). I haven’t had to deal with fleas at all for a while, so I wasn’t particularly thrilled to get home and immediately deal with that. Ah well…

While in Vancouver, the dogs got to spend a night with my Ex, which was nice for them all. My Ex and I ‘share custody’ of Oslo and Jersey. We got the dogs while we were together and going strong… but in our eventual split-up decided that the two would be best off with me full-time (due to my much less demanding work schedule), with him getting visits whenever he/we could manage. We have now been split up for 3+ years, but we both make an effort to stay in touch and stay friendly ‘for the dogs’. Fortunately neither my Ex or I are immature, mean-spirited jerks at heart, so being nice & respectful to each other is easy enough to do.

Every time I am back in Vancouver my Ex and I try to work out some sort of a visit. Sometimes it’s just for a couple hours… but this time it was an overnighter. Not having the dogs with me over night felt VERY strange, but I’m glad that they got in some time with J*. He loves them and misses them a lot.

It’s nice to be back home now though! The weather has been hot hot HOT since we got back. I really enjoy these hotter temperatures, but I do have to be extra careful with Oslo & Jersey. I only walk them at night, or first thing in the morning, and make sure to keep at least one room of the house as cool as possible. It’s tough because Oslo & Jersey really LIKE the sun and would lay out and sunbathe all day if you let them…. and then promptly die of heat-stroke! So it’s up to us to be attentive and mindful. As much as I love the hot weather, I will be a little bit relieved when it cools down a bit and I can relax more.

Also!! In all the time that I’ve been away, my sweet Oslo had a 6th birthday. SIX YEARS OLD! The day almost slipped by me entirely because it was the day that we were doing the 8 hour drive back from Vancouver. Oops!

I can’t believe he is 6 years old though! He’s as handsome and silly as ever… though, starting to get quite a few grey hairs. Despite how wonderfully he is doing, and how young in body & spirit he still is– very new grey hair makes me shed a tear. They are each a visual reminder that my time with him is fleeting and precious.

Here is Olso showing us that age is just a number! He may be 6 but he can still wrestle with the best of them!


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