Wiggless has arrived!

It’s been awhile!!

“I thought you loved me?!”

Last time I was here I was talking about Jersey’s ‘Wiggleless’ vest. Well, the good news is that it arrived and it’s very well made and really excellent. The bad news is that Jersey (as I suspected) absolutely HATES it.

He’ll allow me to put it on him, but once it’s on, he refuses to move or look at me once it’s on. Just absolutely refuses to budge a single inch. It’s the most ridiculous, dramatic thing!! I know that I just need to “get him used to it” but as you all know, I am a sucker for these guys, and I have a really hard time subjecting my boys to discomfort (no matter how silly they are being about it). So, I have to admit that the vest has gone largely unused.

Every time I see it, I scold myself for not trying harder and vow to make more of an effort. But then I look at Jersey’s pathetic, sweet face… and I just can’t bring myself to do it. I am weak! I WILL say however that Oslo doesn’t mind the vest in the slightest, and will happily wear it for as long as I make him… Sooo, could be worse?

“Where’s my treat?”

One thought on “Wiggless has arrived!

  1. I’m on my third “vest” with Ralphie and he also hates all of them and I basically just have to say I’m leaving for a walk without you if you don’t put it on. I open the door and say bye and then he comes running down and and gives in. Maybe try that?

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