a trip to the vet

Oslo and Jersey had a little trip to the vet yesterday for their annual check ups and to get up to date with their vaccines. It wasn’t very much fun, but we’re glad to have it done & over with. I’m happy to announce that both boys are doing well!

Oslo really surprised me by being quite nervous while being examined. There was no incident of course, but he was quivering all over and generally seemed really anxious and scared. Poor pig. Jersey, on the other hand, was completely unfazed it all and seems to think that ANY attention (even by a veterinarian wielding a syringe) is good attention. Bless him. Yet another example of how different my two fellas are.

Jersey has an appointment on Oct 17th to fiiiinally have his cracked molar pulled. Even though his cardiologist has cleared him for surgery, I am still more nervous than I can tell you about the procedure. I’m SO worried about him reacting badly to the anesthesia!  Every time I think about it, my heart jiggles in my chest in a very unsettling manner. I’ve had numerous discussions with his amazing Veterinarian about it all, but nothing anyone says seems to be able to calm my fears. He’ll be in the best possible hands, and it absolutely *has* to be done. We can’t put it off any longer. I’ll be SO happy to get it over with, even though on the day of the surgery I am going to be a complete wreck.


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