bixbi treats

Oslo and Jersey got these fabulous treats in their August bark box and they are too good not to tell you about.

At first I was unsure about them because they come in a ‘Jerky’ form.. and well my fellas don’t do well with ‘jerky’. They tend to chew jerkies only until soft & pliable enough to swallow whole, and then they choke and vomit & have near death experiences. It’s extremely unpleasant.

However, upon further inspection of Bixbi’s ‘jerky’ (namely, me molesting the bag and squeezing the jerky strips aggressively) I realized that this ‘jerky’ is actually quite delicate and comes apart pretty easily. It could definitely be cut into small, bite sized & chewable pieces.  So that’s exactly what we did– cut the strips up into much smaller pieces and now these are completely edible & safe for Oslo & Jersey. Win!

The most impressive thing about Bixbi’s product here is the list of ingredients. It’s all of 5 (five!!) ingredients long and has absolutely no grains, fillers or preservatives. With wholesome ingredients like that, it’s no surprise that the dogs love them.

It retails for about $10 a bag which is certainly not cheap for a dog treat.. but this is a situation where you really are getting what you pay for.

**Please note that in early 2013 some Bixbi products were involved in an FDA recall. While no Bixbi products themselves had tested positive for it, samonella had been found in a facility where some Bixbi products had been made. Even though Bixbi products were tested to find that they did *not* contain this scary bacteria, products were still recalled because they produced in a contaminated facility. Please read Bixbi’s 2013 Press Release on the matter. With it now being late 2014, it’s safe to say that this should no longer be a concern.


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