Jersey’s surgery tomorrow.

Jersey goes in for surgery tomorrow to have his cracked molar pulled (finally!). I am completely sick with worry, but also super anxious to put this whole things behind us and get it over with.

As many of you know, Jersey has a heart murmur so anesthesia with him is not as straight forward as it is for a normal, healthy dog. Earlier this year, however, I took him to see a Cardiac-Specialist to have a full cardiac-exam done. The exam took a closer look at his heart & gave us a better idea of what exactly we are dealing with. I was very pleased to find out that his heart, while he does have a murmur, actually compensates for his defect quite well.. and to make a long story short, the Specialist said Jersey should be able to under-go anesthesia just fine. Not only that, but his prognosis for a happy, healthy, pretty-normal life is (so far) quite good. Awesome!

With all that said, being a Brachycephalic (flat-faced) dog itself presents it’s own list of surgical complications. Brachycephalic dogs have different airways than a ‘normal dog’ and thus tend to require a lot of extra attention and care when being intubated prior to surgery, and when ‘waking up’ from anesthesia. It’s simply the nature of how their bodies & airways are shaped. It weighs heavily on my mind that something could ‘go wrong’. Of course, to combat the risks I made sure to choose the best, most experienced veterinarian available to us. I went the extra mile to make sure that Jersey is stable enough for surgery (hence his expensive cadiac-exam), and I will be home with him for the next 4 days straight as he recovers. I’ve definitely done my due-diligence here. But still, I worry.

I am trying not to think about all the TERRIBLE ‘worst case scenarios’ (because they are endless and heart-wrenching)… Instead, I am just really trying to just think positive, affirming thoughts. I’m visualizing the call from the vet telling me that the surgery was quick and easy and Jersey’s recovering just fine. I’m visualizing picking him up from the clinic and patting his sleepy head as I drive home. I’m visualizing many more years of happy snorts and ear-snuffles from my sweet, gentle boy.

I probably sound like such a drama queen! As far as surgeries go, a tooth extraction is really such a simple one. I’ve just had so long to dread this damn procedure that my mind has had far too much time to get carried away.

He will be fine.

If you could send us your happy thoughts, that would be great though 🙂 please & thank you.


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