Feeling good

It’s been 3 days since Jersey’s surgery, and I am happy to report that he is feeling great! The first evening that he was home he was pretty out of it, but by the next morning he was pretty much his usual self. He’s on pain meds for the time being (I think tomorrow is his last dosage) and antibiotics to keep him on the straight & narrow… but other than that, you’d never guess that he had surgery just a few days ago.

It’s such an ENOURMOUS relief to have his surgery done with, and I am so so so pleased with how well he has recovered. I could have never guessed that it would all go so smoothly.


4 thoughts on “Feeling good

  1. Hello, my boyfriend and I have been reading your blog, your journey with your frenchies. It gives us hope that our frenchie, Watson, could make a recovery… We had to rush him to an emergency surgeon this Tuesday night, he had lost function and sensation in his hind legs (he had some sensation in one leg, none in the other). Upon imaging they confirmed it was a herniated disc and immediately performed surgery. We live 3 hours from the hospital and had to come home for a few nights, we also have a cat that was mauled by a big dog last Tuesday and is too suffering from spinal injuries as well as puncture wounds and a broken leg. We are overwhelmed, devastated, and I am trying to stay positive. We talked to the surgeon this morning and she said that he has some sensation in both legs but no function still… she also mentioned he was in great spirits and seemed happy, able to walk with his front legs with support from a sling. We have set up a gofundme account but I am grateful to have come across your blog. If you have any advice or suggestion we would appreciate it. We are in so much shock and having two (of three) of our fur babies with serious injuries it is hard to be strong. Thank you and I hope all is well with you and yours ❤



    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Oh man, it sounds like you really have your hands full right now. I am so sorry that this is all happening all at once. It’s been a few days since you commented– how is Watson doing now? Sensation & function can be slow to return. Oslo could not walk on his own at all until several weeks following surgery. However with lots of sling walks, and guidance from his Physiotherapist, he slooooowly regained movement. It started with his twitching his little toes, and we built from there. So please don’t be discouraged!! I will email you directly in a moment so that you have my email address in case you want to reach out again with questions. The recovery process seems like such a daunting, long road.. but it really does get exponentially better in time. XOX

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