Help Genet!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to stop by today to share the story of Genet the Pug. Genet is the fur-baby of a lovely friend of mine in Vancouver, BC. Genet has had a very rough go of things these last few months and is quite ill. Her story is quite long and complicated, so you’re best to read about it here for yourself.

After reading, please consider donating or just writing her owners a few words of support. Even small donations of a few dollars can add up to go a long way! Genet’s Mommies need all the help that they can get both financially and emotionally. This has been such a hard time for them, and of course for sweet Genet too. My heart breaks as I imagine all the stress that they must be under as they struggle to pay these bills and do what is best for their wee girl.


Please also consider having your pet insured. Genet’s bills are approaching the $20,000 mark (yes, that’s twenty THOUSAND). As you can imagine, this has been a crushing, unimaginable blow to my darling friend & her wife. It serves as a tragic reminder that there are no guarantees in life and we will never know what is around the corner. If you aren’t able to keep a very beefy ‘rainy day’ savings account for such expenses, please please please do the next best thing and get your pet insured while they are still healthy and eligible for coverage. It could literally be the difference between life or death for your pet, or bankruptcy &/or financial stability for you if anything like this should ever happen.


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