Christmas is coming. Get BarkBox!!

We are almost half way through November and that can only mean one thing… CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Christmas. Like, really really really love Christmas. I’d start decorating the day after Halloween, but out of respect for Veterans I make myself wait until after Remembrance Day.  Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in early October, so for me– Remembrance Day (Nov 11th) is the last holiday before my Christmas gloves come off (so to speak.. I don’t own any actual ‘christmas gloves’ and if I did, I would certainly NOT be taking them off ever ever ever) and I allow myself to go buck wild.

Every year, Oslo and Jersey get a stocking filled with their favourite treats and a few new small toys. They both completely understand what stockings are, and the minute the stockings get unpacked from storage the boys go nuts in anticipation for Christmas morning.

Last year, just before Christmas, we signed up for ‘BarkBox’ and their received their first box just before xmas. We saved it and opened it up on Christmas Morning– so it was truly like Santa had delivered it!! It was so much fun. We ALL got to be surprised about what was inside and will definitely be doing the same this year!

If you don’t have BarkBox already, I hiiiiighly encourage you to sign up. For $20-$25 a month, BarkBox will mail your pup a box of goodies every month. Each month is different and exciting, and usually contains 2 toys and 2-3 different treats. We’ve been blown away by the quality of ingenuity of the items included. Getting our box has really become a highlight of the month for The Pigs and I, and we are looking eagerly forward to continuing our subscription in the months to come.

If you’d like to sign up, consider doing so by following THIS LINK. Not only will you get 10% off your first subscription of 6 months or more, *and* Oslo & Jersey will get a free month added to their account. Everyone wins!!

Sign up now (<—– using that link!) and get your first box in time for Christmas. BarkBox Rocks!


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