Lazy begging

Oslo doesn’t even have the decency to sit up when he’s begging. The entitlement!


2 thoughts on “Lazy begging

  1. I just want to say a huge “Thank You!!” to you and Oslo and Jersey. Because of your willingness to share Oslo’s story we have mush to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. On Saturday, our Frenchie, Gizmo, started showing symptoms…slight tremor, hesitation in movement and an almost imperceptible drag in the left back leg. His symptoms were so slight that if we were not familiar with Oslo and his story, we would never have noticed anything wrong. But, we as a family, have followed Oslo’s journey back to health and knew what we were seeing and what to do. Gizmo was put on immediate restriction and a call was put in to the vet. Monday morning we received the verdict…his back is totally jacked up, IVDD and calcification between numerous vertebrae as well as one hemi vertebrae. But, because we knew what to do, he didn’t injure himself further and surgery is not immediately needed. He is on medication and crate rest for 30 days. He may still (probably) need surgery, but it can be planned and not on an emergency basis.

    Now for the most important “Thank You!!!” Oslo’s story was the tipping point for insuring Gizmo. Because he is insured, I was not faced with the decision to choose between financial ruin and euthanizing our beloved fur baby. I could look at my vet and say “Do whatever is necessary” without fearing the financial repercussions of that statement.

    This Thanksgiving I am more grateful than I can express for you and Oslo and your willingness to share what he went through. Today, I am snuggling with my fur baby, not facing financial ruin, or a paralyzed dog. Today, I have hope that he can recover.

    Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Give an extra special snuggle to Oslo from us, he probably saved our fur baby’s life.

    1. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate your comment and how very happy I am that Oslo & I were able to help Gizmo! It’s always wonderful to hear from readers… And it’s wonderful when people write to say that they found our blog AFTER their dog had issues & that it has helped them in the recovery process… But it’s especially incredible to hear that not only did Oslo’s story help Gizmo get diagnosed BEFORE he went down (thus avoiding emergency surgury) but also that the blogged inspired you guys to get insurance so that you’re not facing a huge financial crisis. I AM SO THRILLED! I could stop writing this blog today, but knowing that we saved at least ONE dog from emergency surgery, and one family from huge financial issues will have made it all entirely worth while. I sure hope that Gizmo is resting comfortably. When/if he does need surgery, you will be able to prepare for it financially, emotionally, and also physically (with all the gear & supplies & lifestyle changes that recovery requires). If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out— tamboden at gmail dot com. Sending you all of my very best! XOXOXOX

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