Today, as we all sit down with our loved ones and reflect on all the wonderful things that we have going on in our lives- I too am thankful.

I am thankful for my wonderful friends and family. The fabulous country that I live in & am a citizen of. The amazing man that I get to call my ‘Husband’ who loves me when I’m at my best, and even when I am at my absolute worst… And, of course I am thankful every single day that Oslo & Jersey, despite BOTH having their own scary run ins with IVDD, are happy, healthy, mobile dogs.

But there’s something else I am thankful for, too… For comments & feedback from followers of this blog! It means the world to me every single time one of you takes a few seconds (or minutes) out of YOUR busy lives to share your personal experiences, ask questions, offer feedback, or share words of encouragement.

Today I received one of the most incredible comments I’ve ever had the pleasure of recieved this blog. It made tears well up in my eyes and joy jump into my heart. I wanted to share it with you,

Chemrat‘ writes,

I just want to say a huge “Thank You!!” to you and Oslo and Jersey. Because of your willingness to share Oslo’s story we have mush to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. On Saturday, our Frenchie, Gizmo, started showing symptoms…slight tremor, hesitation in movement and an almost imperceptible drag in the left back leg.

His symptoms were so slight that if we were not familiar with Oslo and his story, we would never have noticed anything wrong. But, we as a family, have followed Oslo’s journey back to health and knew what we were seeing and what to do.

Gizmo was put on immediate restriction and a call was put in to the vet. Monday morning we received the verdict…his back is totally jacked up, IVDD and calcification between numerous vertebrae as well as one hemi vertebrae. But, because we knew what to do, he didn’t injure himself further and surgery is not immediately needed. He is on medication and crate rest for 30 days. He may still (probably) need surgery, but it can be planned and not on an emergency basis.

Now for the most important “Thank You!!!” Oslo’s story was the tipping point for insuring Gizmo. Because he is insured, I was not faced with the decision to choose between financial ruin and euthanizing our beloved fur baby. I could look at my vet and say “Do whatever is necessary” without fearing the financial repercussions of that statement.

This Thanksgiving I am more grateful than I can express for you and Oslo and your willingness to share what he went through. Today, I am snuggling with my fur baby, not facing financial ruin, or a paralyzed dog. Today, I have hope that he can recover.

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday.


Is that not AMAZING!?

Chemrat‘– who ever you are– know that I appreciate your words more than I can say. Knowing that Oslo’s story helped you recognize the symptoms of IVDD early (possibly saving Gizmo’s life and/or helping you to avoid the experience of emergency spinal surgery) makes me so proud and thankful! But more than that, knowing that you heeded my (many!) warnings about the importance of Pet Insurance, and that you actually took me seriously enough to go and get coverage… well, that is just incredible!

I often feel like a broken record. I often feel like people aren’t listening or taking me seriously. But truly, I cannot stress enough how VITAL it is to either have a good pet-insurance policy, or to have access to $10,000 (minimum) at the drop of a hat. Terrible things happen to good dogs and good dog owners all the time. Don’t live in fear, but also don’t needless put yourself in a situation where, one day, you could be (as Chemrat said) “choosing between financial ruin or euthanizing your fur baby”.

Get insurance. Start stacking away money. Get a line of credit. Get a rich Aunt who has nothing better to spend her $$ on. Be proactive now, so that when/if something happens you are prepared.

Hug your loved ones today and let them know how thankful you are for them.


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