Happy Birthday Jersey!

Today is my sweet, darling Jersey’s 4th Birthday.

It’s amazing that already 4 years have passed since this wee little man entered the world and the hearts of all those who love him.

We first ‘met’ Jersey when he was 7 weeks old, after countless emails, photos exchanged, and phone calls to his breeder. From even that very first meeting at 7 weeks, we were blown away by how calm, affectionate and sweet this boy was. When other puppies would want to scamper about rambunctiously, Jersey was always content to sit in a lap and be loved. And truly, not a single thing has changed. He’s grown from a tiny little puppy, into a 33lb enormous fully grown frenchie.. but he is still as dear hearted and sweet natured as the day we met him.

He’s completely non-reactive to other dogs. He’s patient and still with children. He’s loves EVERYONE. He’s not hyper, or crazy, or ever unpredictable. Instead he is easy going, loving, reliable, consistent, and painfully (paaaaainfully) sweet. His ‘please pet me’ face could melt a glacier and his desperation to be touched and near people at all times is almost tragic.

As many of you know by now, Jersey was born with a heart defect. His breeder was very upfront about it and we essentially adopted him as a ‘Special Needs’ dog. We knew that there was no guarantee how long he would be with us & also knew full well that there could be serious health & medical struggles to deal with down the road. The first vet we brought him to shook his head and insinuated that Jersey likely wouldn’t live to see a first birthday. As Jersey celebrates his 4th birthday today, I’m happy to say that Jersey has proven that cynical vet very wrong indeed! Of course, a heart defect is never something to be taken lightly, and it’s always something that we’ll need to keep in the forefront of our minds. However, this darling boy has exceeded everyone’s expectations in terms of longevity & health and hopefully he will continue to do so for many more years to come.

I don’t know what I did to deserve a companion so loyal, loving, forgiving, and steadfast. He is an absolute joy and I am so proud to call myself his “Mom”.

One week old
First meeting at 7 weeks!
First time meeting Big Brother Oslo, at 12 weeks old.
“Let’s not talk about my eyebrows”. 5 months old.
“Please let me in. I need to be loved!”
One year


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