babies and beasts

Holy moly. New obsession!!

I just discovered THIS company/shop and I. am. so. excited.

If you have a Frenchie (or bulldog, or pug…) you know how hard it can be to find sweaters & jackets that actually FIT. Their heads, shoulders, chests & necks are incredibly broad which usually makes the majority of “off the rack” dog clothing an no-go for them. Most often things need to be custom made, altered to fit, or just extreeeemely stretchy.

So you can imagine my joy when I found ‘Babies and Beasts’ a small, Canadian company that in specializes in handmade “dog outerwear that fits”. Not only that, but their stuff is absolutely adorable! From their turtle-neck, polar fleece sweaters, to water-proof insulated winter coats– I love it all!

A few of our favourites::

‘The City Coat’ $175 (ok– this one is super pricy, but look at how ridiculously adorable it is!!)
Boys Turtle Neck Polar Fleece $40
‘Canadian Moose’ Waterproof, Insulated Coat.  $120

I love supporting small business. I love supporting CANADIAN small businesses. And I also love adorable dog clothing that will actually fit my guys (well, mostly just Oslo… Jersey is party-pooper & refuses to wear anything on his body even if it is totally adorable and fits super well)!

Overall, I am thrilled about my little discovery and hoping that Santa brings Oslo a little something from this shop for Christmas…. or whenever 😉

Pssssst– Oslo is a size ‘medium-short’ in case Santa or any of his little elves are reading this.




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