10 days

We’re about 10 days into Oslo’s crate-rest and things are going okay.

The good news is that he is content and his pain medications seem to be working nicely. He hasn’t demonstrated any scary episodes of pain and generally seems comfortable. He DOES want out of the crate very badly and spends about 50% of his time looking at me as pathetically as possible (the rest of his time he spends sleeping, chewing, or playing with a toy).

The bad news is that at this point, it’s safe to say that his crate rest will go much longer than the initial 2 weeks that I had anticipated. In fact, I think it’s probably safe to assume that he won’t be doing much of anything until the end of January or so.

He is definitely exhibiting some weakness/lameness in his rear legs… his right leg especially. If memory serves, his right leg was the one that suffered the most nerve damage following his surgery 3 years ago, so I suppose it makes sense that it’s the one troubling him now…. He’s absolutely able to walk, and stand, and generally function, but my hawk-eyes do spy some weakness, and some ‘knuckling’ which sends alarm bells ringing, for sure.

At this point, easing up on crate rest too soon could VERY quickly undo any healing that we have manage to accomplish in the last 10 days. When treating IVDD dogs ‘conservatively’ with crate rest like this, it’s imperative that their spine be able to heal and form scar-tissue completely before allowing them freedom & movement.

So in the crate/play pen he remains, on medication he remains. For now I am just doing my best to keep him comfortable and happy in the crate– cozy blankets, a hot water bottle to snuggle, a nice antler to chew, the TV to watch, and Jersey by his side.


4 thoughts on “10 days

  1. I follow your pigs almost as much as I do our own. I’m so sorry to read of Oslo’s troubles. Our Henry had his first issue with this in January and not knowing anything we got him surgery… so very expensive and no insurance. Then just as he was finishing his recovery he had another incident… not as bad but trouble walking. This time we opted for the conservative method with drugs and it works great. We did have a second MRI and from that the vet told us that Henry’s real issue is that every single disc in his spine has solidified causing him to be more susceptible to herniations. Today Henry is doing great. We keep him a whole lot less active and I feel bad about that as I know he really wants to play but we can’t risk it. He still has periodic issues but short periods of rest seem to help. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Oslo and know that all will be well.

  2. Poor baby! He’s lucky to have such caring mom and brother to take care of him and keep him company. Stay strong, I know how much those pathetic stares can break your heart. Sending all our best to both the nuggets! xoxo

  3. I am so glad to hear Oslo is doing ok. Giz is in the same boat with the crate rest and the pitiful-ness abounds! He has started “bumping” the crate sides to express his displeasure, lol. Hugs from all of us, and snuffles and snorts from Gizmo.

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