Christmas Gratitude

Christmas is over and it’s been one hell of a week!

Last Friday we all piled into the car & made the 8 hour drive to Vancouver. We wanted to spend a few days before Christmas with Family. Leading up to the trip, I was actually quite anxious about the drive. Wintery roads & a dog who needs to be kept still & calm really had me stressing. I’m happy to report that the drives (there and back) were uneventful and we had a nice visit.

We were back in our own comfortable nest by the 23rd and celebrated Christmas day in familiar surroundings. Everyone under this roof was certainly spoiled, and Oslo & Jersey were no exception! They received some really thoughtful gifts from the people in their lives that love them and I was/am reminded at how lucky I am to be surrounded by animal lovers like myself. I would never expect anyone to give my dogs gifts for Christmas, but it really warms my heart when people think to include them.

Oslo, of course, remains on crate rest and observed the Christmas on-goings from the safety of his pen… But that didn’t stop him from eating far too many treats, & getting very excited about the opening of his stocking & gifts. Jersey partook in one of his favourite pastimes, chewing & ripping apart cardboard boxes, while all of our wrapping & mess was strewn about the floor.

We hope that your Christmas was filled with laughter, love, happy memories… aaaaand maybe a few special gifts 😉

May the last few days of the holiday season be good ones!

LOVE these apple crisps that I got for the boy’s stockings!! Made with only ONE ingredient:: Organic Apples. The dogs LOVE them (and I do too!).


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