half way.

We are half-way through Oslo’s 8 week (or so) crate rest period and things are going well. There isn’t a whole lot to report, really.

He’s bored and increasingly anxious to be free. He will whine whenever he sees me sitting on the sofa because he knows that I’m weak and will usually cave in and let him sit with me up there. He likes to snuggle under my throw-blanket and  press himself up against my legs. He’d be up there all day if I let him, but he can’t be left unattended for even a minute (lest he have a moment of bravery and try to jump down on his own— disaster!) so it’s usually just for an hour or so at a time… or however long I can manage to sit in one spot. I’m not much a sofa-sitting-tv-watcher myself, so even an hour feels like a LONG time for me.

I’ve cut back on his pain-meds to about half of what he was taking, and will probably continue to cut back on those over the next week or two. I want to make sure that he is comfortable, without being OVERLY &/or unnecessarily medicated.

His rear legs do seem stronger though… and when he stands and takes steps when he goes outside for pottying, he seems a lot more steady & stable. So, progress is definitely being made. Now it’s just an issue of making sure that he is rested until his back is FULLY healed. The hardest part of crate rest is following through with the entire prescribed 8 weeks, when they seem “better” after 3-4 weeks.



2 thoughts on “half way.

  1. Oh no. How many years has it been since his first disc episode? You and your blog were such a great help and resource to me when my frenchie’s disc blew. I am now always waiting for it to happen again now though it’s been 9 months since his surgery. I’m so sorry it’s happening again to Oslo and hope he won’t need surgery this time.

  2. Great blog And very helpful ! Our frenchie Mugsy had surgery on December 23rd with his 5th birthday on Christmas. I can relate to your feelings. I am a worrier and crazy dog mom watching over him as it consumes my life. Hope Oslo is still doing well and you too!!! Stay strong !

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