7 weeks

Sorry for the lack up updates over these last few weeks, everyone! I’m happy to report that my absence has very much been a case of there simply not being a whole lot to report. Oslo is doing very well!

Since my last update (on January 9th) I’ve been able to fully wean the pig off all of his meds. He done really well with the transition and hasn’t had any noticeable issues with pain of discomfort. So, in the last week I’ve slowly begun ease up on his crate rest, too.

Before I could let him out of his crate, I had to goto Walmart and stock  up on some cheap rugs/runners to cover up our slick hardwood floors. Taking a corner in the house too quick & slipping/twisting in the wrong way could be disastrous to my unsteady little guy– so area rugs were a must. Even though I don’t like the look of the rugs, I realize that they are necessary at least for the next few months while Oslo builds up some muscle, coordination and stability.

So with new, large, non-slip rugs placed strategically around the house, Oslo has been allowed some freedom from the crate. Only while we are home, and only while things are calm in the house. At night time, and while we are out, he is still crated… and any time he starts acting silly (which is often– Oslo is quite the nutcase!) he goes back in the crate until he calms down. We can’t risk him hurting himself while zooming around!

As for potty breaks, I walk him at a slow & steady pace (with no leash pulling) to the end of the block and back. He handles the distance well and I think the slow walking is important in building up his strength again. In the coming weeks I hope to increase the distance that we can walk together, as well as relaxing the crate rest rules further.

All in all, he is doing great!


2 thoughts on “7 weeks

  1. This is awesome news!!! I am happy to report that Gizmo is continuing to improve…and we have also had to invest in area rugs. I love my hardwood, but BatBoy just can’t handle them 😑

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