9 weeks. Done with crate rest!

Hi everyone! I’m happy to report that Oslo has continued to do well, and is now DONE with his crate-rest! It has been 9 long weeks since he started showing some scary signs of spinal pain, & I am so relieved that he is back to his normal self.

Having him crated over Christmas was certainly not ideal, and definitely put a damper on the holiday spirit over at our house. Ultimately though, I am just glad that he was treatable with crate rest, and that we didn’t have to jump straight into another surgery. To be honest with you, I am not sure how we would afford another $7,000+ surgery… Oslo is insured, however since we got him insured AFTER his first spinal surgery, all his IVDD stuff is now considered ‘pre-existing’ and is not covered.

(Yet another reason to not wait until your dog is ill before you think about insurance!)

Anyway– he is much better now and we are all very happy about it… Most especially OSLO! He is thrilled to have some freedom around the house and to be able to cuddle up with Jersey again. We’re keeping the (ugly) rugs down on the floor for the time being, and we also do not allow Oslo (or Jersey for that matter) free run of the house while we are home… but those are just general, basic precautions. The dogs get put away safely in our office while we are out of the house, where they have several cozy beds, fresh water, and just enough space to stretch out and relax safely.

This morning we all piled into bed and had ourselves a Saturday Morning Lay-in. It was lovely.


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