pre-surgery checkup tomorrow!

We are one week away from Jersey’s Stenotic Nares Surgery!  I am working hard to stay calm, cool, & collected about it. Rather than worry too much about the risks & dangers of anesthesia (eeeep!), and I am trying to focus on the positive changes being able to breathe will make in JB’s life. The affects of being able to breathe easily & sufficiently will be pretty far reaching, and I am stoked to be able to do this for him!! All we have to do is get through the surgery & recovery (which I am told by everyone with experience is generally very quick.)

Tomorrow he goes in for his pre-surgery health check. He will have some bloodwork done, and a series of digital x-rays. We want to make sure that he is in tip-top shape (as tip-top as a dog with a grade 4/5 heart murmur can be!) prior to anesthesia. Assuming all his results come back normal & with no ugly surprises, we will move forward with surgery as planned on the 22nd.

Keep our fella in your thoughts!!



3 thoughts on “pre-surgery checkup tomorrow!

  1. I didn’t know Jersey had a heart murmur!! Lincoln does too! If it helps…Linc’s been under before and has been just fine! Sending you both good vibes and Frenchie love! xx

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