Stenotic Nares are DONE!

Today was the day! Jersey had his Stenotic Nares corrected.

It’s no secret that I had quite a bit of anxiety and worry going into this surgery. The list of worst-case-scenarios has been flashing through my brain for weeks, and leaving him there at the vet this morning took a real act of bravery on my part. I generally hate to admit when I am wrong, but I am HAPPY to admit that in this case, I was totally wrong and Jersey did GREAT!

There was a tiny little complication— not even a complication, really. When they got Jersey under the anesthesia and had a look in his throat, they discovered that he had everted laryngeal saccules. Essentially, they are bits of soft tissue that protrude from the laryngeal opening into the throat. When present, they inhibit airflow into the throat, lending to snoring, coughing, and generally laboured breathing. Not every dog has them, but they tend to be present in dogs like Jersey with brachycephalic syndrome. Generally you cannot see them until a dog is under anesthesia and you get a good look down into the back of their throats.

Anyway, so mid-way through Jersey’s stenotic nares procedure I got a phone call from Dr. Veenis, explaining the present of the saccules, and asking if he had my permission to remove them. It would simply be a matter of simply snipping them off– very straight forward. Of course I agreed. So, with that, Jersey had his stenotic nares opened, and his everted laryngeal saccules removed, and he was on his way to breathing like a whole new dog!

The vet kept him at the clinic for the rest of the day, to keep him under observation and make sure that he didn’t have any terrible swelling, or breathing issues, etc (he didn’t). I was able to pick him up at 4:30pm and pay the $800 vet bill.

Jersey is now home and doing extremely well. His nose looks so much better than I thought. I was expecting a LOT more swelling, and blood, and general gnarliness… But that (so far?) isn’t the case at all. He’s also in wonderful spirits and seems very alert and ‘himself’. I will be sleeping in the same room as Jersey tonight, just to keep and eye & ear on him to make sure that he doesn’t suddenly have airway troubles, but I am not imagining that there will be a problem.

I am really excited to hear/see how his breathing changes as he heals over the next few days & weeks.


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