summer update

I hope everyone’s summer is off to a good start! It’s been wonderful over here.

My husband & I spent the last half of May in Italy, on vacation. We left the boys with our very dear friends who occasionally moonlight as dog sitters for us. AJ & Stamata are truly one of a kind, and we are so, so, so grateful to have them in our lives– for many reasons, not just their amazing relationship with our dogs. Knowing that Oslo & Jersey were in such capable hands, meant that my husband & I could enjoy our time in Italy.


We of course missed the dogs (and our cat, Xyla, who was home with our house-sitter/friend) terribly and were VERY happy to return to them after the 2 weeks. Vacations are wonderful, but there really is no place like home!

Since getting back, we’ve been busy with all the typical life things; work, errands, keeping the house clean, and so forth. We have had some fabulously hot weather which is lovely for me, but always warrants a bit of extra caution with Oslo & Jersey. I’ve really been trying to walk them for at least 10-15 minutes to keep their muscle tone & strength up. With the heat I’ve had to make sure those walks happen early early morning, or after the sun has gone down.

The biggest news is that during the second week of July, Oslo will be going in to have a tooth extracted. I am not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but earlier this year when he was dealing with all that scary chronic pain stuff, our vet discovered that he had cracked the same molar as Jersey. (Jersey had the same molar pulled last fall due to the same crack/damage) The spinal pain that Oslo was dealing with was more of a pressing issue than his cracked tooth, but we made a mental note to address the tooth issue once we had his back pain under control.

Well, he has been doing wonderful on the ‘pain management’ medication regime that he’s been on. So now it’s time to address that tooth before it becomes infected or causes him too much discomfort. As always with my fellas, I am not at all looking forward to the procedure and will be an anxious, nervous wreck until the doctor calls me to say that it all went smoothly & Oslo is ready to go home.

Oh! Also! Oslo turns 7 on July 7th…. which, I literally just-this-moment realized is 7 years on 07/07…….. Craaaaazy!


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