Home from the Dentist

Oslo is home from his day at the dentist Vet. All went well with the anesthesia & extractions. The cracked molar was pulled, and a few other (smaller, more insignificant) teeth were pulled as well due to wear & tear.

He’s definitely not doing quite as well post oral-surgery as Jersey did, though. Lots of panting & general discomfort 😦

The good news is that he had a voracious appetite for dinner (which makes sense, since he wasn’t allowed any breakfast before surgery!) and he gobbled up all the wet food that he was allowed. I’m really hoping that the pain meds that he got with his dinner kick in soon and he’s able to chill out and rest a bit. Seeing him all topsy-turvy like this stresses me out to the max.

I have tomorrow off work, which means that I can be home keeping an eye on him. If his discomfort doesn’t level out, we’ll make a call to his vet in the morning. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t come to that though.



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