happy mouth

It’s been 3 weeks since Oslo’s surgery, and he has been doing well. The first week after the procedure was actually a bit rough– he was in a lot of discomfort, and I wasn’t entirely sure if it was mouth related or if he was experiencing some back pain (I wish we could just ASK our pets where they are hurting!!) I made a couple frenzied calls to our vets, and as-per their advice, we increased Ossie’s pain meds to get things under better control… and by day 5/6 post surgery he seemed much better.

Mid-last week we had his post-surgery recheck, and everything looked great. His mouth is healing perfectly, and we’ve also been able to cut back on his pain meds to his normal amounts.

I’m VERY glad to have that whole ordeal behind us. I hope it’s a long, long time before either of my boys need to have surgery for anything at all. I feel like we’ve been in the clinic having something or another done every 3 months for the last while, and I am worn all the way out. Fingers crossed for healthy pups!


4 thoughts on “happy mouth

  1. I just wanted to thank you for posting your experience with Oslo and his IVDD experience. A week ago my French Bulldog Leo woke up having trouble standing on his rear legs. Like Oslo Leo just turned 3 the end of July. I took him to the vet not knowing what was going on. The vet gave him a shot of an anti inflammatory and sent us home. Leo got progressively worse throughout the day. My daughter found your article about Oslo online and showed it to me. At first I thought no this can’t be happening but all the symptoms were the same. I called the vet back telling him Leo was much worse and mentioned IVDD. He prescribed a painkiller and told me if he was worse tommorow that I would have to take him to a neurologist. At 4 am the next morning I woke up to hear Leo panting and unable to move. I took him to the animal hospital where they admitted him, did an MRI and immediately did surgery for a slipped disc. It’s a week later and Leo is standing and attempting to walk. He drags his back legs but it’s getting better. He goes for therapy everyday. Like you I didn’t have insurance because up until this Leo was very healthy. I feel had it not been for your article I may not have acted so quickly with taking him to the hospital. The doctor told me it was a fresh slip and I had caught it early enough that there was minor bruising and damage to the spine. Thank you again I feel you saved Leo!

    1. Carolyn!! What an amazing note. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it! I am very sorry to hear about Leo… but it brings me great joy in knowing that Oslo’s story/blog has helped in some way. Please keep us up to date with Leo’s recovery. It sounds like his prognosis is very good!! Thinking of you ❤

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