spoke too soon

*sigh* I spoke too soon. I was back at the vet yesterday. This time with Jersey.

Over the weekend, I noticed that one of his anal glands seemed to be quite full & bulging. With everything that had been going on with Oslo these past few months, I had totally forgotten to have Jersey’s glands emptied and apparently it came back to haunt me.

So, first thing Monday/Yesterday morning (my vet is closed over the weekend) I made an appointment to bring Jersey in and get those glands emptied. They made space for us that same afternoon. Unfortunately, it wasn’t soon enough. When the doctor attempted to empty the glands, she & the technicians were only able to fully empty one of them. The other was too swollen & inflamed to empty completely. It had become ‘impacted‘.

We were sent home with antibiotics, some pain meds, an appointment in 2 days time to try again to empty it, and crossed fingers that we’d be able to at least avoid the gland rupturing… Buuuuuut— No such luck. The gland accessed/ruptured this morning despite our best efforts. It seems that my intervention came just just a wee bit too late.

Poor Jersey. I feel terrible!! I should have been more on top of this. I just truly had been so busy thinking about Oslo’s back, and then his dental surgery & recovery, that Jersey’s anal glands totally slipped my mind. Arggggg!

Fortunately, Jersey is already on antibiotics & pain meds, so we are ahead of the curve in that regard. I’ve made a call to his doctor to see if she wants me to rush him in today so that she can have a look, or if we should just keep our appointment that we have made for tomorrow. He doesn’t seem to be terribly bothered by what’s going on with his rear end. The only discomfort he shows is when I look at/clean things, and he seems to be otherwise in very good spirits.. so that’s a good thing, I suppose.

These dogs!!


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