snout soother

I’ve just recently had to order my fella’s their 2nd container of Snout Soother. I can’t quite remember when we bought our first tin, but I want to say that it lasted us about a year– not bad for $20!  $20 for a year of two smooth, happy, healthy noses.

Let’s not forget that it is 100% all natural, vegan, & organic— which is important when you are applying to something as sensitive as a dog’s nose. Also! It works straight away. Start off by applying 2-3x a day, and you will notice a BIG improvement in the first 48 hours. It’s a bit shocking, actually, how quickly it works. Then, once you have their nose looking (and feeling) good, you can cut back to applying once every couple of days just to maintain things.

We really can’t rave about Snout Soother enough. If you have a wee-one with a nose that could use a little TLC, check out  Natural Dog Company. They’re awesome!

Here's a quick 'before & after' of Jersey's sweet nose. Notice how before he had that dry, cracked, crusty ridge along the top of his nose? Thanks to Snout Soother, those days are gone!
Here’s a quick ‘before & after’ of Jersey’s sweet nose. Notice how before he had that dry, cracked, crusty ridge along the top of his nose? Thanks to Snout Soother, those days are gone!

(No, this is not a paid advertisement. I purchase my own Snout Soother and will receive no kick back from the company for their review. I simply want to share with our followers products that work for us, in the hopes that they may also help some of you.)


One thought on “snout soother

  1. Thank you so much for this post! I discovered your blog this summer after our 4 year old frenchie, Nessa, herniated a disc in her neck and required emergency surgery. I have read all of your posts and they have been so helpful in so many ways. Nessa is now 4 weeks post surgery and doing really well, still on crate rest when we’re not home, but she has regained all of her energy as well which has us on pins and needles as we’re so nervous she’s going to hurt herself again or rupture another disc. She luckily never experienced paralysis and post surgery is just experiencing some mild weakness on her right side.

    So your posts have helped us so much in so many ways. Then I saw your post about snout soother and decided to order a tin and her nose has never looked better! Her nose has always been a bit of a disaster, lol!

    Please keep posting, your site has helped us immensely. Nessa means the world to us and seeing her in pain was one of the worst things we have ever seen and never want to go through again.

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