September Rush

Holy smokes. September is just flying by!! The boys have been doing great this month. We haven’t had any big health issues & vet bills, and everyone is coasting along well.

With September nearly over, gone are the days where the temperature is pushing 35-40 degrees celsius (that’s 95-105 fahrenheit for my American readers). As much as I love the heat, I know that my fellas enjoy these cooler days a bit more. Days where they can actually lay out on the porch for longer than 5 minutes. They’ve been spending a lot of sleepy afternoons and evenings out there watching the world go by and the sunset. Being able to walk them in the afternoons (as opposed to only at night time– and even then it’s too hot!) has been really lovely. The dog’s favourite place to go is the big soccer field at the end of the block. There’s never anyone there, and it’s fully fenced, so we let the boys go off leash and they absolutely adore the freedom. They never venture more than 10-12 feet away from us at any given time, but they seem to have a real understanding of when their leashes are on and when they’re off. We’re making the most of our walks while we can, because once the snow falls and the temperatures really dip, we certainly won’t be venturing too far outside.


One thought on “September Rush

  1. I absolutely love you are having a coasting month 🙂 The weather in Ohio has been great too. The pack can go outside and enjoy the cooler weather and beautiful sunshine! Enjoy

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