Annual check up

Oslo and Jersey recently had their annual check up. Everything is looking pretty good! Both boys have lost a spot of weight, which is always nice. Frenchies love to eat, and keeping their weight down can be tricky. But with Jersey’s heart, and Oslo’s spine– keeping their weight down is super important.  It’s hard for me sometimes because I LOVE to treat my boys… and as you can see, they enjoy being treated!

Oslo hasn’t had any recent issues with his spine, and is recovering nicely from his flare up last winter. I’ve made a real effort this year to walk both boys more often, and I think that that has really paid off. I am desperate to keep them both lean, and their muscles strong. Strong back muscles support the spine, and a supported spine is a spine that is less likely to be problematic.

Jersey’s heart is the same– no surprises there. Which is to say, he still has a Grade 4/5 Heart Murmur. As far as heart murmurs go, that’s pretty darn loud. But Jersey is miraculously more-or-less still asymptomatic. It’s been almost 2 years since we last saw our Cardiologist, however, and my vet would like for us to go back there for a cardiac check up sometime soon. I’ll do that this spring– the next time we will be in Vancouver.

This last year was a doozy, health-wise. Oslo started 2015 on crate rest for his most recent spinal flare up (and he’s been on pain management medication ever since). Jersey had an anal gland rupture. Jersey had his nostril/nares surgery. Oslo had dental surgery. We spent a LOT of time and a  lot of money at the vet!  We are happy to be ending 2015 on a healthy note, and hope that 2016 goes a bit easier on us. Oslo and Jersey are looking forward to Christmas and can’t wait to tell you all what Santa brings them.


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