Spring is Springing


My husband and I just got back from a 2 week trip in Nicaragua. It was vastly different than any other place I had ever been, and interesting to say the least. I think I’ve had my fill of Central America for the time being, but am glad to have gone and experienced it.  The sunshine alone made the journey well worth it. Going without warmth during our 3 month long winters is always a challenge.

If you’d like to read more about our travels (and life, in general) check out my other blog/project/website THISFABLIFE.


The piggies spent the 2 weeks with some wonderful, kind friends of ours; friends who also popped in daily to check on our house, and give our kitty cat some love. We are so thankful for ANY friend or family member who is willing & able to take care of these fellas for extended periods of time like that. Both boys have their unique health issues, and caring for them can sometimes feel daunting.

It’s wonderful to be home! The biggest treat has been that it seems that winter decided to take it’s leave right about the time our plane touched down. Much of the snow has melted, and the weather forecast (thus far) only seems to be calling for days well above the freezing mark. Barring any sort of freak, late-winter storms, I think the worst or winter may be behind us… and that has me (and the dogs, I’m sure) feeling VERY, VERY excited.

Within a month or so, I’ll be able to start allowing the fellas to spend time sunbathing on the front porch– one of their favourite places in the world. Until then, we have wonderful beams of light shining in through the windows, and Oslo & Jersey are well versed at seeking those sunny spots out on the floor.




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