Practice makes perfect


2016 has gotten off to a slow roll of a start. Our winter days and slowly, but surely, been giving way to fresh, green spring days. Our lilac bushes are starting to bud, my tulips are poking eagerly out of the ground, and walking the dogs on these sunshiny days is a joy.

I resolved last year to walk these fellas more often. When you have a  fenced yard of your own, it’s easy to get lazy and simply ‘let them out’ rather than properly walk them. But when they both has spinal-flare-ups in 2014 & 2015, I resolved to walking with regularity. Strong muscles help support a weak spine, after all. And the stronger the muscles in their backs are, the less likely we are to have issues with IVDD. So, we walked. Sometimes, on the coldest, snowiest days we just walked to the end of the block and back. And occasionally, when it was pouring rain (the worst!) we skipped our walk. But for the most part, we walked. I’d say we averaged a walk 5 days a week, even through the coldest, ickiest winter months. I am proud of that, and the boys have benefited hugely. They’re stronger than ever, happier than ever, and they certainly have better leash manners than ever. Practice makes perfect improvement.


It’s 9am and the sky is the most brilliant shade of blue. The dogs are already begging to go out on the front porch to catch some rays. They can’t possibly understand that blue Canadian cloudless skies at 9am in mid-March equal freezing cold.

Wait, babies. Wait.





2 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect

  1. Hi! My frenchie had his first back episide last night. He was trying to lie down and yelped in pain 3 times. we took him to emergency vet and they said it is his back, gave him meds there and for home. Would you mind sharing what harness you dog on the left in the pic is wearing (the blue harness) and what crate you are using for rest?? Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Hi there!! The harness was provided by our veterinarian & pysio team. I’m not sure of the brand or where to buy… But perhaps you can look up the information to Canada West Veterinary Specialists in Vancouver BC & ask to speak to the neurology or physio departments? I’m sure someone there can point you in the right direction! 🙂

      As for crate, I HIGHLY suggest using a baby playpen (‘pack and play’) As long as your dog is not a jumper, and not usually one to try to jump OUT, it works great. My boys both do their create rests in a playpen, and I find it much better than a regular crate. Being able to lean over & lift them out is very convenient.

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