Bladder Infection #2


Jersey is in the middle of a round of antibiotics for his 2nd ever bladder infection. The poor guy had been acting a bit lethargic last week. He just wasn’t quite his normal, exuberant self. We thought he might be having some back pain, so we crated him for a couple of days of rest. However, when we noticed that his urine had blood in it, we rushed him off to the emergency vet.

Sure enough, his urinalysis came back with high amounts of e-coli, and his x-ray showed what might be a few small bladder stones. At the moment we are treating the infection, and he will go in for another X-ray of the (possible) stones later next week.

It never ceases to amaze me how stoic these guys are. Bladder infections (and/or stones) are VERY painful! But the only ‘symptoms’ Jersey was showing prior to peeing blood, was just not quiiiiiiite being as wiggly as usual. He also was leaving just a few kibbles in his bowl after eating– when usually he gobbles 100% of his meal up as quickly as possible. Such subtle, tiny differences in behaviour that would go undetected by anyone who didn’t know him like we do… It only goes to show that, as I have said time and time again that when dealing with a stoic breed like French Bulldogs, “An absence of pain does not equal an absence of illness.”

He is about 7 days into his antibiotic treatment now, and back to his usual self. We’ll see what next week’s bladder X-ray says about those potential stones…


One thought on “Bladder Infection #2

  1. Sounds serious. Our Isabel had a blader infection… was peeing uncontrollably… we have been giving her crananidin and her peeing uncontrollably had stopped. Amazing stuff. Pure cranberry extract in pill form. She loves it. Thinks its a treat. We give have a dosage for her weight every day. Cant recommend it enough. Love your boys. Hope all goes well.

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