bladder update

Jersey is fiiiiiinally almost done his month-long round of antibiotics for his bladder infection. His re-check a couple weeks ago went well. He goes back in this Thursday, after his antibiotics have been completed for another urinalysis to make sure the infection is gone.

At this point, his Doctor thinks that the spot that looked like they may be stones may actually be a bacterial cyst or abscess in his bladder wall. We are going to X-ray him again in a month or to see if it has shrunk. It’s possible that he will need another (stronger) round of antibiotics to penetrate & fully eradicate it. What joy. Thank God for Pet Insurance!

Other than that, with Jersey being 5 years old now, and Oslo coming up on his 8th (!!!) birthday, I sure have been spending lots of time remembering the days when they were small. I miss those puppy bodies terribly! It’s hard to believe Jersey (who is now a 32lb giant of a frenchie) ever fit so comfortably in a carry-bag, and came to work with me this way.




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