the start of summer


Once again it’s been far too long since I have updated.

Last I wrote, we were dealing with Jersey’s bladder infection. A week or so after that post, I ended up bringing Jersey with me to Vancouver, and having him examined by the Specialist Vet there. Canada West is the ‘big guns’ in terms of pet health care here in BC, and we are all too familiar with them.

Canada West did an ultrasound of his bladder, to have a closer look at the cyst/abscess/lump that my regular vet had been seeing in there on Xray.  Best case scenario, it was nothing to worry about. Worst case scenario, it could have been cancer. I am VERY relieved to report that it was the former— an absolutely benign cyst that likely has slowly been growing over a long time. They assured me that it is nothing to worry about, and it very unlikely to ever be problematic to our boy.

In examining him though, they did discover a couple very small cysts in Jersey’s prostate. Normally is cases like those, they would sedate the dog and aspirate the cysts using a very fine needle. However, because of Jersey’s heart condition, sedating him without prior examination & approval by his cardiologist is something that we try to avoid unless absolutely necessary. We were not able to get him in to see his Cardiologist, so it was suggested that we leave the prostate as is for now and take a ‘wait and see’ approach. At the moment the small cysts in his prostate are completely asymptomatic and not an immediate concern.

I plan to return to Vancouver with Jersey this fall to have that Cardiologist check up, and have his prostate re-examined. We will do whatever needs to be done with the cysts at that time. Until then, it’s business as usual here.

Summer is upon us. These are the months where all of our walks take place before 8am, or after 9pm, and none of the hours in between. The small window A/C unit is set up in our office (which doubles and Oslo & Jersey’s ‘bedroom’) to keep the pigs cool & comfortable at night. Oslo and Jersey use our covered & shady front porch as an extension of the house, and spend hours out there every day relaxing and watching the neighbourhood on-goings. We absolutely love the summer.



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