Cervical/Neck Troubles. Day 12 & 13.

On Day 12, 6 days post-op, we brought Jersey back to the Vet to have him looked at. The bouts of pain he had been experiencing over the weekend were sending my blood pressure through the roof and my anxiety was at an all time high.

Dr. Sharp and his team had a look at Jersey and agreed that he seemed more down and withdrawn than he had when we came home a few days prior. They decided to keep him for the day and night for observation and blood tests.

Interestingly, they suggested taking him OFF the Percocet. Their thinking was that it was the Percocet that were making him feel so icky. I’ll be honest, this suggestion made me nervous. His bouts of pain made me feel like he needed MORE pain meds, not less…. But I decided to trust the doctors. Jersey would be staying with them over night anyway, and if not having Percocet made his pain unbearable he would at least be in the right place.

It was also discussed that he should start an anti-inflammatory (Prednisone) in it’s place for a short time.

The next morning (yesterday) they called me to let me know that Jersey had done well off the Percocet. He’d had one episode of the pain that I described shortly after I dropped him off the day before…. But none since stopping the Percocet. He also seemed more lively and ‘himself’. With his blood work coming back normal and good, they gave me the green light to pick him up.

At this point, we’d been in Vancouver for 8 stressful days. Jersey was 1 week post op, and we were both ready to come home. So, with blessing from his doctors at Canada West, I decided to take my boy home!

The drive home. I knew he felt good because for the first time in a week+ he was snoozing with his round-bone in his mouth.

The 8 hour drive was uneventful. Jersey snoozed very comfortably the whole way. Had no bouts of pain. When we arrived home he drank lots of water (and has been drinking well since!) and settled into his pen comfortably. His appetite for dinner wasn’t great, but with him drinking water I am not too worried. My plan is to offer him small amounts of food several times a day.



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