Cervical/Neck Troubles. Day 14.

Today is 2 weeks since all this stuff started happening with Jersey.

And 8 days since he had neck surgery.

We are back home.

Jersey is doing well. His appetite still isn’t great, but he’s drinking plenty and moving around comfortably. He seems bright and content. His breathing following his palate surgery has absolutely improved! He doesn’t snore or gasp like he used to and seems to sleep more soundly. Every so often he’s cough a little bit, but my guess is that his throat is still healing and just a bit sore.

The incision from his surgery looks great. I’m thankful that we haven’t had any issues (yet! knock wood!) with that. No terrible swelling or infection. He is supposed to have his stitched out in 3-4 days. He’s able to lift and move his head around comfortably, and generally don’t seem too bothered by it. It does seem to be getting a bit itchy though, and we are having to stop him from scratching at it. A cone-of-shame may be in his future.

When they operate on a dog’s spine in the neck, they go in through the throat. This saves them from having to cut deep, down into the thick muscles that surround and support a dog’s head. It’s certainly gruesome to see such a large incision on my fella’s neck, but this definitely is the easiest entry point.

Now that we are home, and I have access to a proper computer for writing updates, I promise to post more often through the recovery process. Just as I did with Oslo’s surgery, I feel like it’s really important for readers out there to see what recovery from these procedures really looks like.

I know all too well that when you are in the thick of the diagnosis, this all can seem terribly overwhelming and scary. But the truth of the matter is that dogs can (and mostly DO) recovery really well. The surgery is expensive, and invasive, and intimidating… but it is not at all a death sentence. With proper care, these guys can bounce back to live perfectly happy, normal lives (… with perhaps less running up and down stairs, or jumping off furniture).




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