Cervical/Neck Troubles. Day 4.


It’s been about 9 days since I updated. I apologize for leaving you hanging. A few hours after writing my last post, I decided that Jersey absolutely needed to see the neurologist. First thing the next morning (day 4), he and I made the 8 hour drive to Canada West.

Dr. Nick Sharp and his Neurology team met us there, and got us right in. Dr. Sharp is the same doctor who operated on Oslo 5 years ago. I truly believe that he is the best that there is, and it was a relief to know that Jersey would also be in such capable hands.

Frustratingly, Jersey walked into CanWest and forgot all about his extremely painful neck and was acting perfectly normal upon his physical exam. I found myself saying to the Neuro-team, “I SWEAR he was in crippling pain just yesterday evening!” The team assured me that this sort of miraculous recovery is very normal for dogs when they first arrive at the vet (thanks to adrenaline) and that they did believe every word I told him.

Despite Jersey’s best attempts to fool the doctors & technicians into thinking that he was perfectly fine, Doctor Sharp thought it was prudent that we get a closer look at Jersey’s neck with a CT Scan. The scan was scheduled for the next day.

Because Jersey was born with a large grade heart murmur, and was over due for a cardiac evaluation, they thought it was important that he have his heart looked at before we/they put him under anesthesia for the CT scan. Fortunately the Cardiac Department had time that same evening to do an Echo-Cardiogram, and was able to squeeze him in.

I am happy to report that his Echo came back wonderfully. His heart condition has not changed much at all since his last Echo 2 years ago, which is *such* wonderful news. Jersey’s murmur is a grade 4/6 which is really quite severe…. but despite the severity of the murmur, his heart seems to compensate really beautifully. He was given the green light for a CT of his neck the next day, and surgery as well (if it came to that).


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