Cervical/Neck Troubles. Day 5.

On Wednesday (Day 5), with the all-clear from the cardiologist, Jersey under went a CT scan of his neck. While he was under anesthesia for the CT they also had their Respiratory Specialist examine his soft palette.

Jersey has always been a very LOUD snorer, so it didn’t surprise me at all to hear that his soft palate was quite long. Since he was under anesthesia already, we decided to go ahead and operate to shorten the soft palate right then. This obviously wasn’t the primary reason that we were at the vet.. but having his elongated palate shortened would make breathing easier, and his quality of life so much better. It truly needed to be done! Honestly, having it looked at/operated on had been on our ‘to do’ list for sometime, but we just hadn’t quite gotten there yet. So it was a relief that the team felt it appropriate to do the surgery while they had Jersey there for his neck troubles. Two birds:: One stone.

Then came the results of the CT Scan… Jersey had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR bulging discs in his neck. All of them were relatively small bulges, but with four different discs acting up, it was no wonder that he was in so much pain. Doctor Sharp commented that he couldn’t believe that Jersey wasn’t showing more neurological deficits, all things considered! Our boy is tough as nails.

At that point we had 2 options…. treat Jersey ‘conservatively’ with 8-12 weeks of crate rest, or surgery. Since the bulges were fairly small, there was a good chance that Jersey would recover well with strict rest. However, because he had FOUR damaged discs, the chance of this happening again 6 months, 12 months, 2 years down the road were very very very high. Surgery would be the best bet to prevent Jersey from living this hell all over again at some point down the road. Conservative care would be the least expensive, and invasive.

My husband and I talked about it, and decided that surgery was the best plan of action. We are insured, after all… so cost isn’t a huge factor. And with us living 8 hours away from the Specialist Vet, zipping back here in the near (or distant) future is not easy. I wanted to deal with it as best we could NOW.

Jersey had his palate surgery immediately following the CT scan, and the surgery for his neck was scheduled for the next day (Day 6).

Stay tuned for what happened on Surgery Day- Day 6.


2 thoughts on “Cervical/Neck Troubles. Day 5.

  1. Sending lots of healing Frenchie vibes. Hang in there Jersey, I had 2 back surgeries for disc stuff.
    Lily (& Edward)

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