Cervical/Neck Troubles. Day 6. SURGERY

On Day 5, following the CT scan for his neck, Jersey had his elongated soft palate shortened. It’s a relatively simple procedure– they simply snip the excess palate tissue off, and then fuse the wound closed with a laser (because nobody wants stitches at the back of their throat!) The result is a soft palate that doesn’t hang and flop over the back of the throat, allowing our boy to breathe easier. Recovery is usually straight forward, and entails keeping them quiet while the swelling goes down.

Jersey has now had both his ‘stenotic nares’ (narrow nostrils) widened, and his soft palate shortened.. which is standard treatment for any dog with ‘Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome‘, as he has. I am SO EXCITED for him to have had his palate done, and can’t wait for him to recovery from everything he’s been through to start taking him out on walks and see how much easier he breathes!


Let’s move onto DAY 6: Neck Surgery Day

They operated on Jersey late that afternoon. I spoke with Dr. Sharp just before we went in for surgery, and then he called me again about an hour later to say it was done and Jersey did wonderfully. I was expecting the surgery to take much longer than that, so it was a surprise to see my phone ringing after just an hour.

Here is a look at Dr. Sharp’s surgery notes:



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