Doing Well


Jersey is doing really well since coming home. His appetite is coming back, and he is much brighter and more energetic (though you can’t tell by looking at this photo!) than he has been in a long time. He’s still on crate rest, and activity is supremely limited… but it’s nice to see a bit more life in our boy.

He is on Prednisone at the moment, which claims to have increased thirst and urination as common side effects. Jersey is definitely feeling both of those things. The poor fella wet his bed last night! We took him out at 10pm, and again at 7am… but that was obviously too  long to go, because when I got him out this morning his pen was soaked. I feel incredibly awful about that. He must have had to go very badly in order to wet his cosy bed! Going forward until he’s done with the Prednisone, we will plan for a middle of the night potty break for this sweet chap,

I’m glad that he is drinking water though, and eating again– even if it does lead to more bathroom breaks.


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