ups and downs


We have had some ups and downs the last few days. Mostly ups, thankfully… But some downs as well.

For the most part, since coming home, Jersey has been doing great. He has had a lovely light to his eyes, bounce in his step, and generally seems almost “normal” (You know, besides the enormous incision down his entire throat)

His appetite has been FABULOUS, and he is drinking plenty. I am feeding him normal sized portions, and am happy to see a bit of the weight that he lost return to his frame. He was doing so well, in fact, that I may have been a bit deceived, and let him over do it with the activity. Nothing too crazy, of course… But I did allow him to walk around the house a bit (while I was present) and sniff around in the yard during potty breaks.

And, well…. Jersey paid for it Saturday & Sunday. Both days started off well, but in the evenings on both days he had a bout of neck spasm/pain. Just one bout, each day. Lasting about 3 minutes each. He didn’t cry out like he had before (thank goodness!) but just became quite stiff and obviously very uncomfortable. Horrible.

These were serious wake up calls to me to be much more strict about the crate rest, regardless of how well he seems to be doing. I am angry at myself because I know better. I KNOW that “absence of pain does not equate to absence of injury”… and that just because medication is making a dog feel really good, doesn’t mean that they are fit to be active. I know how imperative to the recovery process adhering to the crate rest is. I know all this! But still I let him over do it, and he suffered because of it, and I feel very guilty.

(I feel guilty when we follow the rest regime strictly… and I feel guilty when I don’t and he over-does it…  I feel guilty to matter what. There is just no getting around it.)

His 2 weeks of perscribed crate rest are technically up on Wednesday (two days from now), but considering he was painful just yesterday, I think I will extend it into the weekend at least. At that point, I am supposed to reintroduce activity very gradually and only under direct supervision.


2 thoughts on “ups and downs

  1. Rest IS so important as we know from experience with Lily. And then crying out! Oh my gosh it kills us. So rest sweet pea and sending lots of healing vibes your way
    Lily & Edward

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