Neck Spasms

It’s been a day of ups and downs.

Jersey got his stitches out which was awesome. His incision has healed beautifully. This was our regular Vet’s first time seeing Jersey since she referred us to Canada West a couple weeks ago. It was great to see her and show off his progress. She said that he looked brighter and more full of life than he has in quite a while— which was awesome to hear!

The down side is that all the excitement of the car ride and the vet-visit seemed to be a bit much for Jersey. He came home and promptly had “an episode of pain”. This one lasted a solid 15 minutes and was particularly bad. I sat on the floor with him as he writhed in discomforted in my lap, and generally seemed miserable.

It was during that episode that I realized that these aren’t just “painful” episodes, but muscle spasms! That realization was like a light bulb going off. I don’t know what I hadn’t considered it before. He was having spasms prior to his surgery, but was crying out during those– and not during these.. So somehow they seemed like a different beast?

However, during the “episode” (spasm) tonight, as I was gently massaging and soothing him, I paid close attention to what his neck muscles where doing deep beneath all his excess neck skin– and they were spasming/twitching rather intensely & rhythmically. As the muscles slowed and relaxed, so did Jersey.

It sucks that this is happening, but at least if we know it’s spasms that he is dealing with, we can treat them with the appropriate medication. He’s been put back onto Methocarbamol (a muscle relaxant) for the next while until things simmer down. Hopefully now that we know that they are, and we can treat him appropriately, we’ll be able to stay ahead of those nasty spasms and keep Jersey more comfortable. I cannot over state how terrible it is to watch him have one.

Also! I did end up speaking with his Neurologist team about Jersey still being painful 2 weeks post op. I wanted to make sure that this is normal, and not a sign that the surgery has a failure or something. His doctors assured me that it’s completely normal for dogs (and people!) to be dealing with pain like this in the weeks following surgery, and that we need to give it more time.  So time we shall give, and muscle relaxants too!


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