thank goodness for muscle relaxants


Since coming to the realization that the pain Jersey was experiencing was neck spasms, and starting him on methocarbamol (muscle relaxant) 3x a day, he’s done better. He has only had one small spasm since, and it was nothing compared to the enormous one I talked about in my last post. I don’t know about Jersey, but I am absolutely terrified of those spasms and am desperate to avoid them.

We have moved his pen into our office area, which means Jersey isn’t quite in the thick of the household activity like he was when he was in the living area with us. I think this creates more quality rest for Jersey (albeit a bit more alone time too).

In exciting news, I have found a local Veterinarian who does Canine Accupunture and Cold Laser Therapy. This is a HUGE deal! For those who don’t know, we live in quite a rural corner of British Columbia, and until now I was under the impression that the nearest vet who offered these services was 3+ hours away. A 6 hour round trip journey seemed like an excessive commute, especially if I would be transporting a delicate dog.

So when our vet mentioned that she may know of a doctor locally who offered these services, I almost cried. Accupunture is known to be extremely beneficial to dogs with Spinal Injuries & Disc Disease, and it’s definitely something I am keen to try with Jersey. It’s a very comfortable procedure, and the vast majority of dogs find it extremely relaxing. We have the doctor coming into our home tomorrow for Jersey’s first treatment. My hope is that it will help with his healing process, and maybe help bring an end (or just lessen) some of these awful neck spasms. Fingers & paws crossed!

Oslo giving Jersey’s pen a 2 minute long play bow. “Come out of that cozy spot and play with me, brother! Look how fun I am!”

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