Low Level Light Therapy

Jersey had his first treatment with the Acupuncturist today. She actually opted not to do acupuncture at all today, figuring that instead he would get the best results if we focused on Cold Laser Therapy (or ‘Low Level Light Therapy‘) instead.

The word ‘Laser’ might scare some of you, but really it’s a painless procedure. A hand-held laser device is held, and moved slowly over a dog’s skin & fur. As it goes, it sends a warm (but not hot) beam of light into the tissue of the dog, which stimulates damaged cells, increases cellular function, and encourages quicker reproduction of new cells. This speeds up healing, reduces inflammation, increases circulation, and reduces pain. The procedure is generally quite relaxing and well received by dogs.

It can be used to treat anything from fractures, cuts/abbrasions, arthritis, musculoskeletal diseases, and all sorts of other things too!

MANY animals see great results from a few rounds of treatment… but the nice thing is that because it’s so noninvasive and gentle, with no known negative side-effects, there really is no harm in trying it out a few times to see if it works for us. Jersey seemed to enjoy the treatment (and the pets and attention he got while he did it!) and we’re looking forward to giving it another go on Friday.





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