3 weeks


Jersey is 3 weeks (and 1 day) post-op now, and doing well. I’d say he’s back to about 60% of normal. Eating and drinking continue to go well. We are feeding him a bit more each serving than usual in an effort to bulk him up. Those extra calories are starting to show, he’s putting on some of the weight that he lost, and looking good. He hasn’t had a spasm in 1 full week (knock on wood!).

He is still on pain meds & muscle relaxants 3x a day (every 8 hours) Yesterday morning I was thinking that I might try going to 2x a day instead… and then Jersey seemed to read my mind and ended up having a bit of a sore afternoon. Which told me that the meds need to stay right where they are at for now. Fortunately he medications he are on are considered very safe for extended use, so I plan to use them until whenever Jersey is ready to be weaned off– and not a moment sooner. My #1 priority is keeping this fella comfortable.

He really enjoys his time out of the crate, which is good.. but the downside is that he now hates his time in the crate even more. He’s started whining a bit when we put him in, which sends me into a panic because I always initially think that he’s crying because he’s in pain, so I RUN in to check on him…. And there he is, perfectly fine, just bummed out to be in the pen. Arggg!

The biggest challenge with Jersey being out of the crate, honestly, is Oslo. Despite being 3 years older than Jersey, Oslo is infinitely more crazy and high energy. He’s also a real asshole of a dog. Oslo’s favourite thing to do, it seems, is run full speed & crash right INTO Jersey. Of course this is dangerous for recovering Jersey, and not a behaviour that we encourage or tolerate! So, at the moment, Oslo gets crated when Jersey is out enjoying some freedom. I feel badly for Ossie, because I know he is just happy to see Jersey out and wants to play play play play…. But we just can’t risk Jersey being hurt by his bulldozer of a brother.

In the next week, my goal is to start getting Jersey out for (very short!) walks.  If he does well with that, we will be able to slowly increase the distance bit by bit. I think walks will do wonders for Jersey’s morale.


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