1 month post op


As of tomorrow we are 4 weeks post surgery. Jersey is doing well. I’d say he’s about 70% back to his normal self– a 10% increase from this time last week. Slow and steady progress.

In the last week I became convinced that he had a UTI. I felt like he was drinking a lot, and peeing a lot. He has had two really gnarly bladder infections in his life, so alarm bells immediately started ringing & a called our vet first thing this past Monday to make him an appointment to be seen. He’s since been checked out and I’m pleased to report that his urine is clear. His vet suspects that the increased thirst is a side-effect of the meds that he’s on.. and the increased urination is a side effect of the increased thirst. She isn’t concerned. It seems I may have jumped the gun a bit, but I’m glad to have the peace of mind.

While at the clinic, I also had the vet take a peek between Jersey’s toes on his rear legs. Things have been a bit… funky…. between a couple of his toes, and I was concerned that he might have a yeast infection/over growth. The vet took a smear, had a peek under the microscope, and confirmed what I suspected. She sent us home with a medicated shampoo to wash his feet with once a day, for the next while. Hopefully it will clear up quickly! In the meantime, I’ll also be adding some plain yogurt to his meals.

“I don’t want to have my toes washed!”

With Jersey steadily doing better, the time has come to actively wean him off his meds. I have to admit– I’m scared. I’m terrified of muscle spasms, and of him being in pain. My anxiety about his well being is really quite high, and I can’t tell you how many hours I have tossed and turned at night worrying about this dear boy. But keeping him on more medication than he really needs, just for my own peace of mind is not fair (or healthy!) so it’s time to pull back. We will be doing it gradually, and keeping a discerning eye out for any indication that we’ve taken away too much, too soon. I’d love for him to be able to be off the muscle relaxant entirely in another week… But I really don’t want to jinx anything.

He now spends nights in his crate, day-times (when we are at work) in our secure, small  office area, and in the afternoons and evenings when we are home he is out in the living room with us for 50-75% of the time. At this point, we only crate him during waking hours when we have company over (too much excitement) or if Jersey seems a bit stiff/sore.

I’ve taken him on a few short walks, and he has tolerated them very well. No episodes of extreme discomfort or anything following. All good signs.

Over all, at 1 month post-op things are going well. In many ways this feels like it has been the longest month of my life… and in many ways this recovery has been MUCH harder than I anticipated it would be. However, when I think back to everything we went through in the first months following OSLO’S SURGERY, I remind myself that things really could be so much worse. Even though Jersey’s recovery hasn’t been as linear, or easy as I would have liked, we really are so fortunate with how it’s all gone.



3 thoughts on “1 month post op

  1. I know the laws are different in Canada, but are you able to get CBD for animals there? It’s very anti inflammatory and no negative side effects. I started my dog on it when I was weaning her off pain meds.

  2. So happy to hear you are doing well. Lily has a pain episode every 6 months. I keep her quite for a day or two days and give her pain meds til it passes. (Per the surgeon)
    Lily & Edward

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