getting back on track


I’m happy to report that Jersey has had a pretty good week. He has had two small spasms since my last update 10 days ago, but nothing in the last 7 days. His spirits are brighter, and he seems happy and comfortable.

We are being very militant about giving him his meds every 8 hours, as we definitely notice a change in his comfort level if we are even an hour late. We have also figured out a morning routine where we give him his morning dose at least 45 minutes before taking him out for his morning pee. This seems to manage any discomfort that would otherwise result from that first bit of daily activity. If we are very consistent about his pain medications, he is a MUCH happier boy (and I am a much less stressed & anxious  momma!)

In terms of his crate rest.. He’s not on strict crate rest, but we are going to great lengths to keep him as quiet and still as possible, while also allowing him some freedom. If there is any excitement going on in the house at all (visitors, pizza delivery, etc) he is put away in the quietest part of the house. We take him out only when we can really pay attention to him and make sure he doesn’t start running around and acting a’fool.

At this point I have no big plans to cut back his medications. We seem to have found a good groove, and I am terrified of messing with it and taking a whole bunch of giant steps back like we did last time. I know that eventually we will need to try cutting him back, to see how  he does… but not yet. Not yet.



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