Welcome 2017


Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

I won’t lie– the end of 2016 was hard. Jersey’s health issues overshadowed basically anything good that happened, and coated everything with a thick layer of worry, stress, and anxiety. Things since Oct/Nov have been hard and exhausting.

My hope is that 2017 sees my fella continue to mend, and return back to his usual self. He has been doing really well these last couple of weeks and my fingers are tightly crossed that we continue in this direction. Is the worst behind us? I certainly hope so…  but I am cautiously optimistic.

Of course, I also hope for health for Oslo & our feline friend Xyla as well.

Oslo has been healthy as a little pig-shaped-ox for awhile now, and his most recent annual check up (in early December) got two thumbs up. He’s a sturdy & stable little guy. If my time with Frenchies has taught me anything it’s that their health situation can change drastically from one day to the next…. so every week, month, and YEAR that we manage to avoid some horrible crisis is something to be thankful for. And I am suuuuuuper thankful for Oslo’s health!

I haven’t mentioned it on here because this blog is about my dogs, and not my cat…. But in the spring of this year, our cat Xyla was diagnosed with a fairly large tumor in her abdomen. Unfortunately, it appeared to have also spread to one of her lungs. Because of the size of the tumour and the fact that it had already spread, our vet’s prognosis was not very good and surgery or chemo wasn’t a viable option. We thought that we would certainly lose her before the end of summer.

However, apparently this cat is completely indestructible. We changed her diet, and she has continued on as if nothing at all is wrong with her. She is one hell of a tough cookie!  Our plan is to let her live out whatever time she has left in peace and dignity, and spoil her rotten in the mean time. Initially we thought that she might only have weeks or months… but now it’s looking like she might outlive us all. So, naturally, I hope that 2017 gives us as much time as possible with our adorable, little tyrant… and that when (if?!) her time comes, we are able to do right by her.




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