First post of 2017


It’s a new year and a  new month!

Our Christmas tree is down, and all of our decorations are packed away for another year. It feels like to have our house back. The weather this week is cold cold cold, but sunny and bright. Oslo and Jersey have taken up some lovely spots of sun in the living room and are getting their suntans on.

Jersey is doing very well, and I am thinking that perhaps it’s time now to try again to cut back his medications again. Of course this fills me with dread and anxiety, but I know that it must be done eventually and is inevitable. Please cross your fingers that he responds well.



6 thoughts on “First post of 2017

  1. How is Oslo doing after his surgery? I am taking my french bulldog in the morning and i am afraid he has the same problem. He was also diagnosed with hypdysplasia when he was younger but was doing well with that. Besides the fact that the surgery is expensive, is it worth his pain and will it get him almost at 100 %. I don’t want to be selfish and try to hold on to him but I also don’t want to give up on him if he can have a good quality life. Thanks,

    1. Hi Susana! I can say with absolute confidence that the surgery is 100% worth it. There will be a recovery period, which may be lengthy and discouraging at times…. but these dogs absolutely go on to lead happy, normal lives. There are certainly things that he will not be able (or allowed) to do any more– like go up and down stairs, jump off furniture, etc.. But that is such a small part of life! There is still plenty of enjoyment to be found in other places!

      Of course every dog’s recovery is different, and every dog’s prognosis varies. But for the vast majority of dogs who get the surgery, and then have good care during their recovery period (including some physio, proper medications, and adequate rest) the long term prognosis is generally very, very good. Don’t let the recovery period, which can take quite a while, discourage you. This IS major surgery after all and the recovery is not quick. It does get better– I promise!

  2. We are so happy you are doing well Jersey. Keeping our paws crossed for you
    Happy New Year
    Lily & Edward

  3. My dog, Toby, a headstrong and active Maltese Yorkie mix (big for his breed), went through the same neck surgery as your Jersey. I am just curious how Jersey is doing and how you prevent him from jumping on furniture and being too active

    1. Jersey’s recovery was long. He was painful for weeeeeeeks afterward, which I am told is abnormal. He’s now 2 months post op, and we have only just been able to start weaning him off pain meds. We crate him at night, and keep him in our small office area when not home. He is only allowed out in the house when we are home & able to watch him.

      My fellas have never been allowed open access to the furniture, so keeping him off hasn’t been too tough. He’s used to only coming up when invited. That said, I would strongly advise against leaving your boy in a room with any furniture that he might jump on/off without you there to supervise. Perhaps you can keep him in the laundry room, bathroom, or baby-gated into the kitchen?

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