31890505941_be890a0360_b2017 has been kind to us folks. I almost don’t want to post about anything because I don’t want to jinx it… but Jersey has been doing GREAT since cutting back on his pain meds.

For the first week of the year, we were giving him about 2/3 of his regular dosage. He seemed to be doing really well with that, so for the last couple of days we’ve cut it back to 1/2 of what he had been getting. The response from Jersey has been super positive, in that he’s shown no response at all. No spasms, no soreness, great energy levels and mood. He seems totally unaffected by the reduction of medication in his system.

We have even been able to relax his crate time significantly, allowing him to move around more. He’s now only in the crate/pen at bedtime. If we are home, he’s out in the house with us. If we are not home, he’s in the office with Oslo.

I am almost afraid to say it… but over all, he really seems like he’s back to his normal self!

My goal for January (assuming everything remains stable) is to have him off all meds by the end of the month. So far, that seems doable… But as always, we will follow Jersey’s lead and watch him closely for signs that he’s not ready. Things are looking really positive though, and I am SO thankful for that.


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  1. I can relate to everything you’re going through. I have two Frenchies both have had surgery within three years. My second French had surgery at the same time Jersey did. Herniation between L1 and L2. Same incision, Same pain same signs as Jersey after two weeks of surgery, so we opted for another MRI. The MRI told the story that was heart wrenching, Apollo had to have a second surgery to remove disk that came out. Which is strange an unheard off, but as you know frenchies are always the exception to the rule. He seems good. He seems better. But not out of the woods yet. I will keep my fingers crossed for Jersey. Wishing you lots of luck for you and your little guy. Ps. Insurance is the best decision ever!!!

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