Painful. Again.


Well, shit. What was a very encouraging start to being weened from his medications, has taken an unfortunate turn.

Jersey was doing great on just half of his regular dose of medications, so a few days ago, I went ahead and cut that down a bit further. Apparently that additional, small reduction was just enough to be too much for Jersey to handle.

Yesterday evening Jersey started acting painful and had a few small spasms….  and that went on to continue through the entire night. It’s currently 8am, and I’ve been up with him more or less all night long, massaging and helping him through the worst bits, and stealing 45 minutes of sleep here and there when I could.

His neck seems to be in just one never-ending soft spasm. He’s very painful, and very miserable.

Frustratingly, he had a nail trim & anal gland appointment today. I was excited to bring him in and have his vet see all the progress he has made. Not to mention, he’s well due to have his nails & glands done! But now that has to wait until we’re able to get his pain back under control.

Last time this happened, it took 5-6 days to get him stable and comfortable again. So I guess he & I are looking at another long, stressful week. I can’t wait to get this boy back in to see the Neurologist in the spring. It’s clear that he absolutely needs another MRI/CT scan and exam to figure out just what the hell is going on. It’s very unusual for dogs who have had Jersey’s surgery to still be painful and reliant on medication 2.5 months later.

He was doing so well, you guys!! This is such a frustrating, and discouraging bump in the road.


6 thoughts on “Painful. Again.

  1. Sending healing thoughts to Jersey. I hope that you can get some rest soon too. Norman had surgery for a herniated disc end of June (IVDD) and over last weekend ended up in so much pain that we ended up at the ER vet. The pain meds I had at home just didn’t help. He spent 2.5 days on iv’s due to pain and the fact his nerves in the bladder were not working. So upsetting. He is home now and on crate rest. We are doing cold laser and acupuncture with Chinese Herbs. It just breaks your heart to see them in so much pain.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that he’s in pain and having spasms again when he was doing so well. I can only imagine the toll that lack of sleep and worry for your poor boy are having on you. Sending you guys love and lots of healing thoughts for Jersey. Getting another MRI/CT in the spring will be such a relief.

  3. Oh gosh we are so sad to hear the news. Sending lots of prays to you guys to get Jersey all healed up
    Lily & Edward

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